Minnesota Fraud Lawyers

At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., in Bloomington, we are equipped to handle all charges of fraud, providing a highly knowledgeable and proactive approach to investigating the situation and protecting your interests against these allegations.

How Minnesota Defines ‘Fraud’

Fraud broadly describes taking money or fraud from another through deception or illegal practices. This commonly includes:

Bank fraud – Stealing money held by a bank or financial institution. It also includes taking money from a depositor while posing as a bank or financial institution.

Money laundering – Hiding the source of money or property, whether obtained legally or illegally.

Embezzlement – Dishonestly converting assets or property for gain or purposes other than what the owner intended.

Mortgage fraud – Intentionally lying or misrepresenting key details on a mortgage application to obtain a larger loan.

These can be highly complex cases requiring detailed and knowledgeable investigation. We network with all necessary experts and financial professionals to conduct a thorough and detailed investigation of the charges and all influencing situations and agreements.

Other fraud charges include mail fraud, contract fraud, shell companies, journalism fraud, hoax, cramming, wire fraud, organized crime and political corruption.

In Fraud Cases, There Can Be Many Legal ‘Gray’ Areas

A fraud conviction is highly dependent on the exact details and specific movements of the money. Fraud charges are often rooted in misunderstanding, whether by the individual making the allegations or an erroneous business or accounting procedure. We are equipped to find the legal gray areas, demonstrating that our client did not intend to illegally move money.

Increasingly, instances of fraud and embezzlement are occurring within the workplace. These allegations can cast a broad net, accusing employees throughout the company or organization. If you suspect that you or your company is under investigation for embezzlement, it is important that you contact knowledgeable representation to proactively protect your interests.

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