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The teenage years can be ones in which young adults test their boundaries and begin to separate from their parents. It is also a time during which the court system places an emphasis on what is in the best interest of the child or young adult, rather than on punishment for juvenile crimes.

At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., we have seen a wide variety of juvenile crime charges – from status crimes such as underage drinking or curfew violations, to serious crimes such as criminal sexual conduct or felony drug possession by a minor.

The juvenile law system in Minnesota attempts to act in the best interests of the child. Rehabilitation within the community is a priority. Our attorneys understand that a juvenile crime conviction can carry a lifelong stigma, even if it does not remain on a person’s criminal record.

Innovative Defenses For An Emerging Teen Crime: Sexting

Our law firm is well known for innovative defense, as well as vigorous representation. A developing trend among teenagers and preteens is resulting in criminal charges in states across the U.S.

Sexting is the practice of sending nude or nearly nude photos via a text message – usually from one phone to another phone.

Sexting usually begins between a boyfriend and girlfriend but is occasionally used by an individual who wants to develop a relationship with another individual. Once the sexting photos have been sent, they can be distributed via the Internet. According to a major study by the Pew Research Foundation, sexting is a trend on the rise.

The criminal issue arises when the sexting image is of an underage person. An 18-year-old boy who receives sexting images from his 16-year-old girlfriend can be charged with child pornography and placed on the registered list of sexual offenders if he is charged and convicted.

Our law firm has experience working with forensic IT professionals and other computer experts to develop a strong criminal defense.

Defense For Any Juvenile Crime

Our law firm can represent you or your son or daughter if you are charged with any of the following juvenile crimes.

  • Murder
  • Drug charges
  • Sexual assault, rape or date rape
  • Domestic violence among family members or housemates
  • Assault and battery
  • Minor consumption of alcohol or tobacco products
  • Drunk driving / DUI / DWI

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