Minnesota School Bullying Attorneys

Children can be cruel, and bullying has always occurred on schools on some level. Schools, however, are taking greater measures in recent history to stem the widespread nature of this form of intimidation to provide all students with a safe and nonthreatening learning environment.

Hazing Happens In College, High School And Even Middle School. Are You A Victim?

School bullying laws cover a wide range of offenses and behaviors. Generally considered to be ongoing intimidation and threats or even physical harm, bullying can occur both during school hours, as well as after school at extracurricular activities, whether on school grounds or not. It also extends to include college and university settings such as fraternities and sororities. Hazing can be widespread in Greek life as well as in sports teams settings. It can include intimidation or harassment of students or staff by coaches or trainers.

Cyberbullying, or electronic harassment, is a growing form of bullying with a recent increase in social media and cellphone use with teenagers and students. These are very narrow and detail-specific offenses requiring a defense equipped to skillfully handle these charges.

There are stiff criminal charges that can be brought against bullies, whether the individual is a student, a minor, a coach or a teacher, including in middle and high schools. If you have been charged with bullying or harassment, you need the knowledgeable representation of an attorney who can evaluate the situation and find the truth.

Defending You Against School Bullying

At Villaume & Schiek, of Bloomington, we are committed to protecting the rights and interests of students, teachers and coaches charged with bullying and harassment. We will identify all circumstances and individuals involved in the situation and bring the truth and any omitted details to light.

Blame can also often be spread to the school and those who should have been supervising the interactions of the students and children. Minnesota statutes dictate that schools should have policies in place regarding how these instances will be caught and how they will be handled. When they fail to do so, the safety of both the harassed student and the bully is put in jeopardy.

If you are facing charges related to bullying or electronic harassment, we are prepared to help. To arrange a consultation to discuss the situation with skilled legal guidance, please call our lawyers today at 952-641-7734.