Stalking Offense In Minnesota

At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., in Bloomington, we protect individuals who have been charged with stalking, leveraging the truth in the situation to shield our clients from a costly conviction. In many cases, stalking charges stem from a situation that has been misunderstood or blown out of proportion. Without knowledgeable legal representation, however, an individual falsely accused of following or intimidating another can pay significantly.

Stalking Comes In Many Forms

Most often stalking refers to relational situations, such as former lovers or long-standing relationships that have come to an end, and one person is accused of stalking the other. It can also extend, however, to neighbors following each other, co-workers, celebrities or individuals with whom you have routine but anonymous contact, such as a sales clerk. It can also include total strangers in parks, locker rooms or other public places.

Students and children can also be charged with stalking, particularly in cases of electronic harassment. Often this includes the monitoring of another child’s actions or behaviors, leading to intimidation or bullying.

Generally, the individual must prove that he or she has a legitimate fear or feels his or her safety is at risk. Because of this, stalking often runs parallel to harassment and bullying charges.

The individual pressing stalking charges may seek a restraining order, order for protection or temporary restraining order. These orders play a role in the case, not only in relation to the stalking charges, but also to any potential custody or divorce proceedings.

If you have been charged with a stalking offense in Minnesota, it is important that you proactively seek legal representation to protect your rights, as well as your position in any ongoing family law matters.

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