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There is a wide variety of weapons laws throughout Minnesota. These laws also vary greatly between states. If you were charged with a weapons crime in Minnesota, it is important that you work with a lawyer who understands the nuances of these laws and how to defend you from these types of charges.

At Villaume & Schiek, our attorneys are well-versed in the weapons laws and regulations that affect Minnesotans and visitors from other states. We can help you understand and protect your rights, and we will aggressively defend you against any criminal charges.

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Common Types Of Weapons Charges In Minnesota

In addition to charges for illegal possession of a firearm and conceal and carry charges, our lawyers diligently defend clients from all types of weapons charges, including:

  • Possession of illegal weapons: Certain weapons are illegal under state law. This includes machine guns, silencers, cheap pistols (commonly referred to as “Saturday night specials”) or sawed-off shotguns.
  • Illegal transport of a firearm: When transporting any type of firearm, it must be unloaded and secured, with the exception of pistols carried with a permit.
  • Illegal sale: Gun store owners and other sellers of weapons are carefully regulated. Depending on the type of weapons sold, you may need a permit, take security measures or perform a background check on buyers in order to comply with the law. Additionally, it is illegal to sell replica firearms without a warning sticker.
  • Illegal use of a weapon: Certain crimes can be escalated if they involve a deadly weapon such as a gun or knife. This includes charges for robbery, assault and domestic violence. There are also locations where discharging a weapons is illegal, including cemeteries, airplanes and within certain city limits. Furthermore, it is illegal to carry a pistol while drunk or on drugs.

These are just a handful of the laws and rules that involve weapons and firearms. When you work with our firm, we can advise you on your rights. If you are facing charges, we will thoroughly investigate the circumstances that led to your arrest for a weapons offense. Then, we will work diligently to build a strong defense against those charges.

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