Villaume & Schiek: Attorneys and Counselors You Can Depend On

At Villaume & Schiek, our practice areas span a wide range of needs that serve people throughout the state of Minnesota. We draw upon decades worth of combined experience and results-driven success to represent individuals in a range of legal issues. Our attorneys have diverse experiences in a variety of legal practice areas in Bloomington and throughout the Twin Cities, from criminal defense, employment law, family law, social security disability, complex civil litigation, appeals, and personal injury.

At different times in your life, you or a loved one may find yourself in one or more of these situations. Unfortunately, finding an experienced and skilled criminal defense, personal injury, or employment attorney can require a significant amount of time and effort each time. You do not have to go through this every time you need an attorney on your side to help fight for your rights. It will be better to turn to one law firm that can help address all your legal needs. We do not merely want to help you reach your desired result in one case. Our priority is to be your go-to law firm whenever a legal matter arises.

Minnesota Criminal Defense

Experience talks. Attorney Phil Villaume has defended clients over the full scope of the criminal justice system, from drug crimes, juvenile crimes, white-collar crimes, DWI crim es, and more. The criminal justice system in Minnesota, including Bloomington and the surrounding areas, can be very difficult on crimes. Minor offenses can carry the potential for fines, jail time, and a conviction record. If you are charged with a crime, you could face a life-changing consequence on your livelihood and your freedom.

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Minnesota Employment Law

Villaume & Schiek offers a range of services to individuals. We advise and represent clients on employment issues ranging from sexual harassment, wrongful termination, employment discrimination, retaliation, and more. We also review non-compete agreements, severance packages, and other employment contracts. We stay abreast of the evolving legal developments impacting employers and employees alike. We have a wide range of trusted investigators in place to investigate the entirety of your employment law case.

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Minnesota Family Law

One of the most emotionally charged areas of the law is family law. Family law is also one of the most extensive areas of the law, covering everything from divorces to custody battles. Due to the many complexities of family law issues, it is important to have an attorney by your side who can help you receive the best outcome in your case given your current circumstances. We represent men and women with a variety of family law matters. We understand how overwhelming family law cases can be, and this is why we are dedicated to working as hard as possible, so you will have one less issue to worry about.

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Minnesota Social Security Disability

Minnesota Social Security Disability benefits were designed to protect workers and their families from a significant loss of income due to disability. When you spend decades of your life working and then become disabled due to an accident, illness, or injury, you expect to receive the benefits you have worked so hard to earn.

When determining whether you qualify for Social Security disability benefits, Social Security has its own set of rules and regulations to determine what qualifies as a disability. Many people do not understand that the majority of SSD claims are denied after the initial application. Do not let the bureaucratic paperwork stop you. Let the Villaume & Schiek experienced attorneys help you secure your Social Security Disability benefits.

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Minnesota Complex Civil Litigation

Our firm has been built to manage the difficulties of complicated, financially crucial disputes that may involve more than one party and will require interaction with government agencies. At Villaume & Schiek, we have been protecting the rights, interests, and good names of our clients in civil court since 1979. We understand how impactful a favorable decision can be, especially when it comes to your reputation and your business.

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Minnesota Appeals Attorney

Representing a client before a court of appeals is not the same as trying a case in trial court. Representation for appellate court cases will require a different type of argumentation and level of preparation. Desired outcomes will require more than convincing oral arguments. The attorneys at Villaume & Schiek have assisted and advised clients in various matters of appellate law including both state and federal level appeals and cases represented before the Supreme Court. Our cases are prepared meticulously, and we review all documents and records to develop the best argument on our clients behalf.

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Minnesota Personal Injury

We understand the difficulties, hardship, and loss that you may suffer after a serious accident involving an injury or wrongful death. Accident victims and families in Minnesota rely on the skills and experience of our attorneys to help them find their way after the aftermath of a troubling situation. Serious injuries sustained in an accident can be temporary or permanent, including broken bones, brain injuries, amputation, spinal cord injuries, and more. If you have suffered an injury or if you have lost a loved one, you have the right to sue for compensation. We understand the level of pain and frustration you are experiencing, and we will advocate for you as you pursue justice.

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Commitment to Our Clients

One of the most important values of our firm is the level of commitment we have to our clients. We understand the serious nature of all legal matters, and we are dedicated to helping our clients move forward with their lives. In every case, we will always fight to achieve the desired outcome. Whether those legal matters involve personal injury, employment law, criminal defense, family law, etc., our wide breadth of knowledge and experience will allow us to provide advice and guidance that will produce the best possible outcome.

We are dedicated to fulfilling your needs and invite you to contact us for a free consultation about your legal matters. From our office in Bloomington, we represent clients throughout Minnesota and the Twin Cities.