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Minnesota Employment Law: Challenges During Coronavirus Pandemic

Figures from the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) show that Minnesota’s seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate held steady at 3.1% during the period that included March 12, 2020.  One week later on March 17, 2020, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) reported that the Minnesota Unemployment Office was receiving 2,000 applications per hour. Overnight, we’ve gone from a thriving, robust… Read more »

Do You Need A Social Security Disability Lawyer In Minnesota?

You may have heard someone say that getting an approval for disability benefits in Minnesota is hard. You may have also heard that many people have had their applications denied by the Social Security Administration(SSA), at least after the first application. When you view the statistics, those stats will show that the majority of first-time… Read more »

Pride Month: Fighting Discrimination In The Minnesota Workplace

June is Pride Month, and we know there are still major issues that members of the LGBTQ face. This Pride Month, we celebrate the accomplishments that have been made for the LGBTQ community, but we still have a long way to go. Wins for the LGBTQ community in the workplace were once small and rare…. Read more »

Minnesota Employment Law: Non-Compete Agreements

Agreements that restrict employees from participating in competitive activities and adjuration of company business during one’s time of employment and after employment have been commonplace in Minnesota. These agreements can be universal in many industries. While many Minnesota employees may view non-compete agreements as troublesome, employers view it is a practical way to protect the business they… Read more »

The Coronavirus and Your Job: Addressing Concerns

Businesses of all sizes, government officials, schools, and other entities are all taking it one day at a time as we try to get through this coronavirus pandemic. As the number of positive COVID-19 cases continues to increase each passing day, head officials are advising people to distance themselves with others and avoid large group… Read more »

Have You Been Discriminated Against Because Of Your Age?

Generally, when someone has several years’ worth of experience in a particular job field, an employer will view that person as someone who can add value to the workplace. These are the people who have a clear understanding of how the business works and what it will take to be a success. Also, they will… Read more »

Coronavirus vs. The Minnesota Workplace: What Is The Impact?

COVID-19 and its Symptoms Coronavirus(COVID-19) continues to be a global concern of epic proportions. Many people viewed the coronavirus as something that could be compared to the flu or pneumonia. However, the coronavirus is neither of those types of infections. Coronaviruses can range from  SARS-CoV, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, to the common cold. Some of… Read more »

Are You Being Discriminated Against In Your Minnesota Workplace?

Federal laws and state laws are put in place to stop employers from discriminating against a job candidate or a current employee because of the following: race gender religion sexual orientation gender identity pregnancy physical or other disability age While one may think the above types of discrimination were once a thing of the past,… Read more »