The Benefits Of Expungement

A criminal record is more than an embarrassment. It can impair your career prospects or educational options, and prevent you from entering certain professions. Potential business partners may think twice about doing business with you, even if you were not convicted. Some people even run criminal background checks when they are entering into a serious personal relationship.

It may be possible to avoid these problems by getting an expungement. An expungement seals your criminal record, preventing potential employers and other parties from learning about your arrest.

Villaume & Schiek, is a criminal law firm that provides expungement representation. For a reasonable fee, we can handle all aspects of your case, working hard to obtain an expungement as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Benefits Of Getting An Expungement In Minnesota

An expungement seals your criminal record, but does not destroy it. Police and certain government agencies can still access it. Nevertheless, an expungement provides many benefits:

  • Potential employers cannot learn of your arrest or trial.
  • Landlords, lenders and other parties cannot learn of your arrest or trial.
  • An expungement can help you avoid potential difficulties when you apply for a professional license or admittance to an educational institution.
  • You may have made a foolish mistake earlier in your life. An expungement can put the event behind you and help you move forward.

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Generally speaking, you can obtain an expungement if the charge was dismissed, you were found not guilty, you successfully completed a diversion program, or you were arrested but not charged with a crime. In certain cases, you may even be able to obtain an expungement if you were convicted. Not every case qualifies for an expungement. In a free consultation, an attorney at Villaume & Schiek, can tell you what is and what is not possible, given your particular circumstances.

We represent professionals threatened with the loss of their professional licenses. Don’t risk losing your career.

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