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At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., in Bloomington, our team of criminal defense attorneys defends people accused of all types of theft crimes. We work diligently to defend our clients’ rights and freedom, seeking a favorable outcome in every case.

Our attorneys defend people accused of these and other theft crimes:

  • Shoplifting
  • Possession of a device designed to assist in shoplifting or defeat an electronic article surveillance system with intent to shoplift
  • Theft of services
  • Employee theft

A Proactive Approach To Defending You

Our lawyers vigorously defend people accused of shoplifting and employee theft crimes in the Twin Cities metro area. Whenever possible, we work with the prosecutor to get charges dismissed early in the case. In a free consultation, one of our Minneapolis shoplifting defense lawyers can review your case and discuss your options.

Minimizing The Consequences

Many people charged with shoplifting, particularly first-time offenders, can avoid conviction and other negative consequences through various diversion programs that are available in Minnesota. Typically, these involve requirements such as restitution of the stolen goods, participation in a training course on the costs of shoplifting, community service and supervision by a diversion program coordinator. Our attorneys have helped many people in the Twin Cities area obtain diversion outcomes. If you are eligible, we can work with the prosecutor and court to obtain this type of outcome for you.

If you successfully complete the diversion program, a conviction will not be entered into your record. We may even be able to obtain an expungement that seals your record. This can prevent potential employers and other parties from learning about your arrest.

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