Minnesota Lawyers For Synthetic Drug Charges

A new Minnesota statute has stepped up the prosecution of the sale of synthetic drugs, making it a felony-worthy offense. While the law strives to clearly define synthetic drugs according to ingredients and methods of manufacturing, these substances can vary widely in composition and affect the user.

If you have been charged with a synthetic drug-related crime, it is important that you have a defense team that understands these drugs and precisely how the law applies to their use and distribution.

If You’re Facing Synthetic Drug Charges, Talk To Us

At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., of Bloomington, we represent the interests of stores and distributors charged with selling designer drugs, synthetic drugs or bath salts in Hennepin County. While there are laws banning the sale of many of these synthetic drugs, there are distinct limits to these laws, including loopholes regarding the sale of drugs not federally regulated.

These drugs are most commonly bath salts and artificial marijuana but also include narcotics, such as Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, K2, 2C-E, 5-Meo-DiPT and Lunar Eclipse. Our lawyers are equipped to defend against charges involving all manufactured drugs, including meth and prescription drugs.

Synthetic drug usage is growing among kids and teenagers. With access to prescription drugs, controlled substances and materials to create synthetic drugs, children are being charged with juvenile crimes ranging from use to distribution. These mistakes can follow a child far into the future as colleges and employers often refer to the past. We will work with the court system to minimize the charges, and we are also available to facilitate juvenile expungements.

If you are facing charges related to synthetic drugs or bath salts, we are prepared to help. To arrange a consultation to discuss the situation with skilled legal guidance, please call our law firm today at 952-641-7734.