Lawyers For Sexting Offenses In Minnesota

Youthful indiscretion has met the widespread use of cellphones and social media, as sexting continues to grow as a problem for schools, parents and the teenagers affected by these images. These are grave charges with significant consequences. This area of law is complex with additional legal concerns coming into play, including stalking and harassment. Often the teenager or accused did not even realize that a law was being violated.

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Defining Sexting Offenses In Minnesota

If the individual in the picture is under the age of 17, the image is legally considered child pornography. This includes situations when either the recipient or sender is under the age of 17.

In some cases, teenagers are found guilty of sending pictures of other minors, whether the image was taken unknowingly in a locker room or sent to them without an understanding that it would be passed along. This is considered electronic harassment, particularly if the image is distributed on a greater scale such as via social media or Facebook.

The charges are accelerated if the picture is distributed on a broader scale, including email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. The more viral the material becomes and the greater its circulation, the more severe the charges and consequences.

These charges can be compounded by allegations of stalking and invasion of privacy.

A Charge Of Sexting Could Lead To Other, More Serious Charges

Should an adult be involved in the situation, whether as the person who took the picture, distributed it or received it, charges are grave and can range from contributing to the delinquency of a minor to serious child pornography charges.

Adults also face legal repercussions when sexting other adults, particularly in the workplace. This can quickly border on harassment or stalking.

Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the charges, uncovering critical details demonstrating that you did not understand the legal issues or intend to violate any laws or cause harm.

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