Minnesota Embezzlement Lawyers

At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., we are experienced in handling cases of embezzlement, swindle, theft and any other sort of financial fraud. We provide a knowledgeable and proactive approach to your defense and to the investigation of your circumstances. We aggressively protect your interests and defend you against these allegations.

Embezzlement is fraudulently taking money or property with which you have been entrusted. While most people associate embezzlement with businesses, it can also happen within charities, community organizations and family trusts.

If you are being accused of embezzlement, you need the experienced representation of our Minnesota embezzlement attorneys. Convictions of charges may result in prison sentences of up to 20 years and fines of up to $100,000 as well as having to repay the money taken. You need to stand up for your rights.

Facing Embezzlement Charges? It’s Not All ‘Black-And-White.’

These cases can be very complex. We conduct a thorough investigation of the evidence against you and consult with experts and financial professionals regarding your case. We examine all influencing circumstances and agreements, looking for all possible legal defenses.

Embezzlement charges can result from misunderstandings. Whether your charges are a result of an accounting error or a misplaced accusation from a fellow employee or employer, we can handle the “legal gray areas” that surround the movements of money and how they can be traced. We are vigorous in your defense and work diligently to show that you had no intention of illegally moving money.

We are innovative in our defense of your case. Our extensive experience in criminal defense combined with our background in professional and employee relationships puts us in a unique position when it comes to handling employer-employee accusations. We protect freedom and defend your rights.

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