Minnesota Whistleblower Lawyers

It is not uncommon for a company or employer to react or retaliate to an individual who takes protected action, reporting the company, employer or another employee to a government agency for illegal activity. Many times, the company may lash out by terminating, disciplining or harassing the individual. This may not occur directly after the reporting, but rather weeks or months later, veiled as internal action.

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At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., of Bloomington, Minnesota, we are equipped to advocate aggressively on your behalf, tracing a line from your protected action to the retaliatory reaction of your employer.

Generally, the whistleblower reports illegal behavior to a government agency such as the EEOC, the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, OSHA, the Department of Labor, local government or internal reporting. He or she may also have cooperated with law enforcement in government investigations.

Often the retaliation comes in the form of termination or unpaid leaves of absence, but it can also evidence itself in discrimination or harassment, singling the individual out for unfair treatment. An employer may also dock pay or withhold benefits or time off.

Our lawyers will gather the evidence to draw a strong correlation between the whistleblowing and the retaliation or reprisal. This can become a complex process, requiring a highly knowledgeable approach to uncovering details and building a strong case. We have the skill and experience to advocate on your behalf, working to reinstate your position or pay.

In most cases, we are able to have the individual’s job reinstated and back pay or wages paid.

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If you have been wrongfully treated by your employer or company as a result of reporting or whistleblowing, schedule an appointment with our skilled Minnesota whistleblower attorneys to understand your rights in the situation. To arrange an initial consultation, please contact our office today at (952) 851-9500.