Minnesota Employment Lawyers For Noncompete Agreements

Noncompete agreements are frequently inserted into professional contracts and employee contracts to protect the employer from losing company secrets if the contracted person is lured away from his or her employ.

Frequently these noncompete agreements dictate a certain length of time, radius of geography or specific terms that bind the signer so he or she is unable to use his or her knowledge and skill to benefit the competition.

While these agreements are legal, they must be reasonable regarding the length of time, distance from the original company, and in their place and manner of restriction. If they are not, they may not be enforceable in court.

At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., our extensive background in employment law equips us to evaluate your noncompete clause, whether you are an employer who wishes to add one to a contract and see that it holds up in court, or you are an employee who is being offered a contract that includes a noncompete agreement. Our Minnesota employment attorneys handle noncompete agreements on a regular basis and will keep your best interests in mind.

Our founding attorney, Philip G. Villaume, is a nationally recognized authority on employment law who teaches on the subject and has more than 30 years of experience in this area.

Don’t Sign A Noncompete Agreement Before Talking To Us

If you are an employee being offered a contract that includes a noncompete agreement, you need to have it reviewed by an attorney to confirm that its scope is not so broad that it would infringe upon your ability to earn a living if you break the contract or leave the company.

If you are an employer wishing to include a noncompete agreement in a contract, it should be reviewed by professional legal representation to ensure that it does not violate your potential employees’ rights and that it will stand up in court if you are ever required to enforce it.

Our law firm takes a unique, multifaceted approach to employment law issues, recognizing the ever-changing environment of the workplace and the laws that surround it. We can assist you in assessing your legal problems and explaining your available options.

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