Minnesota Retaliation/Reprisal Lawyers

Retaliation occurs when an employer or employee takes action against, disciplines or terminates an employee after he or she takes legally protected action. These actions generally involve reporting illegal activity by the company or another employee to a government agency such as the EOC, OSHA, Department of Labor, local government or even internal reporting. This can include cooperating with law enforcement or government investigations of your company, particularly in incriminating situations.

Retaliation In The Workplace Is Not Just Termination

Retaliation is often considered to be a termination of the employee, but it is not limited to firing. Employees can suffer discrimination or harassment, dock in pay or salary, violations of family or medical leave or other consequences.

At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., in Bloomington, we advocate on behalf of individuals who have suffered retaliation or reprisal after reporting violations of federal, state or local laws by their employer.

In cases of retaliation and reprisal, it is important that the individual demonstrates that the company reacted as a direct result of the whistleblowing activity. Our lawyers will work to prove that your termination, discipline or wrongful treatment was caused by the protected activity or reporting. This can be difficult to do, and it is important that you have skilled and knowledgeable legal representation proactively working to protect your interests.

In most cases, we are able to have the individual’s job reinstated and back pay or wages paid.

Wrongfully Treated In The Workplace? Call Us.

If you have been wrongfully treated by your employer or company as a result of reporting or whistleblowing, schedule an appointment with our skilled Minnesota retaliation/reprisal attorney to understand your rights in the situation. To arrange an initial consultation, please contact our office today at 952-641-7734.