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Caregiver discrimination, also known as family responsibility discrimination, is when a person is treated unfairly because of their responsibilities at home. Though many think about working moms when they think about this, it can also include working dads. However, it also applies to people who are taking care of their ailing parents or even their spouse.

What Does Caregiver Discrimination Look Like?

Caregiver discrimination comes in many forms.

It could be as simple as not being flexible for those who are taking care of someone else. Caregiving is very hard, especially when you are trying to hold down a part-time or full-time job. Mothers and fathers may need to leave early to pick up their children from school. They may need to start later than others because they need to put them on the bus in the morning.

People who are caring for ailing relatives may need to take some time off for doctor’s appointments and procedures that need to be done.

Some men may feel like companies allow working moms more advantages than they get. Though the moms used to do most of the caregiving, now men are helping out too. Because of this, they deserve the same flexible schedule and time off that women get. Some companies don’t often see this and expect men to show up on time and put in a full day without complaint.

Caregiver discrimination can also be against those who are pregnant. When you are pregnant, the company that you work for needs to treat you right. You deserve to do the things that you can and have help with those that you can’t. You need to be able to take time off to go to the doctor so that you can have a healthy pregnancy.

You also deserve maternity leave. Even if you don’t get paid leave, you deserve time at home to adjust to becoming a new mom (or dad). This time should be used to heal after labor and bond with your child. Dads are equally important during this time. It is a big adjustment period as you become a family.

If you don’t get a job (or a promotion) due to your responsibilities at home, you are facing a form of discrimination. Some companies prefer not to hire working moms (and even dads) because they feel like they can’t commit to the job because of everything that they have going on at home. They may not want to hire someone who has to take their parents to the doctors every month, yet they can’t hold that against you.

Even if you are able to prove yourself at work every day, they may give a promotion to someone else because they don’t think that you will want the extra work (or hours) due to your other commitments.

You can’t be fired due to your family responsibilities. Companies know this so they will have another reason to let you go. However, if you fully believe that you were fired because you took too much time off to take care of your family responsibilities, you may have a case.

Caregiving discrimination comes in many forms. It can also be so discreet that it could be happening to you and you have no idea! Because of this, you should always talk to an employment lawyer anytime that you have any concerns. He or she will be able to talk to you about your potential case, your options, and help you decide how to proceed.

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