Minnesota Lawyers For Professionals And Employees

One area where our firm has made a nationally recognized name for itself concerns issues surrounding the workplace and related institutions such as professional offices and schools. We take a unique, multifaceted approach to these issues, recognizing the realities of the modern workplace.

If you are an employee or an independent professional with a legal problem, we can help you understand your options and pursue potential outcomes. Contact us at our office in Bloomington to schedule a free initial consultation.

Asserting Your Rights And Interests

Our legal practice areas involving professional and employment relationships break down into several main topics. These include the following:

  • Teachers’ rights: Teaching is a highly regulated profession, and there are many situations that can threaten a teacher’s right to effectively practice that profession. Our founding attorney, Philip G. Villaume, has experience representing teachers involved in disciplinary, criminal, discrimination, hostile work environment, whistle-blower, harassment and First Amendment disputes.
  • Defending professionals: If you practice a licensed profession such as law, medicine, other health care providers and law enforcement officials, and you are facing accusations before your licensing board, you have rights that must be actively defended at every stage of the disciplinary process. We have the knowledge and experience to help you.
  • Discrimination, harassment and abuse: Your human rights extend into the workplace, and you deserve freedom from discrimination, harassment and abuse, as well as freedom from retaliation for complaining about these forms of discrimination. We will explore all your options to responding to illegal discriminatory actions.

We are also experienced in appealing the adverse decisions of professional boards, state agencies, civil courts and criminal courts.

Are You A Professional Facing Serious Legal Concerns? Call Us.

If you are a professional, an employee or a client of a professional institution facing serious legal concerns, you need an advocate who knows the issues in depth. Contact us to work with our experienced lawyers at Villaume & Schiek, P.A.. You can also call us at 952-641-7734.