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Do You Need A Minneapolis Employment And Severance Agreement Lawyer?

While there may not be many Minnesota employees who have the opportunity to participate in contract negotiations with an employer, those who are presented with this opportunity have a grand opportunity in front of them. There are some public employers and companies that take the steps to outline severance packages in the contracts of their… Read more »

Minnesota Employment Law: The Minnesota Whistleblower Act

Unless you have been living under a rock or spending hours upon hours binge-watching your favorite TV show, the chances are high that you have heard of the term whistleblower. However, you may not be completely sure what it means to be a whistleblower. An employee who comes forward to uncover any information or any type of activity… Read more »

Are You Suffering From Retaliation Or Reprisal?

We all believe in doing the right thing, but sometimes we are punished at work for following our conscience. This is illegal and has legal remedies. What Is Retaliation or Reprisal: A complaint of retaliation or reprisal can be brought against a company that has taken actions that are, in the words of “An Employer’s Guide… Read more »

Attorneys for Complex Civil Litigation in Minnesota

Complex civil litigation in Minnesota is not only incredibly stressful, but very costly-and can be even more costly if your case is not adequately prepared. When millions of dollars and your reputation are at stake, Villaume & Schiek can manage even the most critical disputes that require extensive financial interactions with multiple parties. Our experienced attorneys are… Read more »

Fighting Employment Discrimination in Minnesota

The Minnesota Human Rights Act makes it illegal for employers to discriminate based upon race, disability, sex, or a number of other factors. Unfortunately, many employers still continue to make hiring and promotion decisions based upon one’s membership in a protected class.  If you’ve been discriminated against, contact the Law Offices of Villaume & Schiek. What Does… Read more »

Negotiating Your Executive Package 

Using legal counsel to achieve your goals When negotiating your executive package, more than likely, it is in your best interest that you not attempt to do it alone. Using the services of Villaume & Schiek not only provides you someone that can offer you valuable advice and discuss strategy, but it gives you someone that can substantiate… Read more »

Is It Time to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Your Impairments & Functionality The ability to function physically or mentally is the biggest factor in determining the extent of your disability. While Social Security lists impairments in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) at Volume 20, Appendix 1 to Subpart P of Part 404 listing of Impairments, not all disabilities will fall into one of… Read more »

Finding A Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer For Sex Crimes

Prostitution is a serious offense that occurs often than many people think in Minnesota. As a result of the frequent prostitution offenses that are committed, law enforcement officials regularly conduct prostitution stings to catch people who are selling sex or sexual favors in exchange for money. The prostitution stings are also used to catch the… Read more »

Professional License Defense

Professional License Defense Attorney Minneapolis & St. Paul Minnesota is home to thousands of licensed professionals who work hard and provide valuable services to state residents. Many of them have several years of training and education invested in their chosen occupation. Those individuals can quickly have their dreams squashed when allegations of misconduct threaten their… Read more »

Proving Employment Discrimination: The Basics

Despite many strides over the years, employment discrimination continues to be a problem here in the Twin Cities area and across the country. For example, the Washington Post reports that there were over one million discrimination complaints filed between 2010 and 2017. Filing a complaint and proving your case are entirely different, which is why you should keep the… Read more »