Take steps to prevent a hostile workplace

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | Employment Law

Managers and supervisors in Minnesota are responsible for fostering a work environment that doesn’t make employees feel threatened or uncomfortable while working. This can be challenging, but it’s important to take steps to prevent employees from behaving in ways that make other employees feel unwelcome. A hostile work environment can negatively impact productivity and can cause an employee to escalate the issue to a legal matter if those in charge don’t handle the concerns promptly.  

Hostile workplace 

Legally speaking, a hostile workplace has an environment where employees face discrimination or harassment based on being in a protected class. Not all hostile conditions are illegal, but most employers understand the importance of taking steps to reduce tension, bullying, and other negative behaviors that can negatively impact employees while they’re working. Those who work in hostile environments may be more likely to miss work or quit, which is not good for the employer’s bottom line. 

The best way to prevent a hostile work environment is to deal with all issues and complaints promptly. Speak to the person with unwelcome behavior before the issue escalates. Get HR involved as needed and be sure to keep documentation of communication between employers, the complaining employees, and the person who’s being accused. Sometimes, terminating a troublesome employee is necessary for the good of the work environment.  

Facing legal issues 

Employers who are facing legal issues related to an employee complaint of harassment, discrimination, or another serious claim can benefit from seeking the advice of an attorney. Dealing with employee complaints must be done delicately and in accordance with Minnesota’s employment laws. Understanding and following those laws can prevent further legal issues.