Maintaining a psychologically safe workplace

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2024 | Employment Law

Minnesota employers are often aware of the implications of maintaining a safe workplace, which includes preventing workplace harassment and discrimination. This includes fostering an environment that is psychologically safe for workers. Maintaining a psychologically safe work environment may be a new concept for some employers. But by understanding how it can impact workers, most employers will likely see the benefit of helping employees feel psychologically safe at work.  

What is psychological safety? 

Phycological safety is a workplace culture that focuses on mental well-being. Making changes to the workplace to foster a psychologically safe environment can be done over time. Leaders can be trained to engage employees in positive interactions by focusing on learning from mistakes rather than dwelling on them. All workers can be encouraged to participate in problem-solving and find better ways to complete tasks to increase efficiency.  

For some employers, psychological safety may be a foreign concept. It can prove difficult to make drastic changes in a workplace, especially if some long-term employees may struggle with change. Those who operate such an environment may benefit from making small changes and allowing time for those changes to positively impact the work environment, so employees see the benefits of focusing on psychological safety.  

Legal advice for employers 

Workplace safety is an important matter for employers in all industries throughout Minnesota. Creating a safe work environment can lead to happier employees, which often means they’re also more productive. Any employer who has a question or concern about the legalities of workplace safety can benefit from consulting an attorney who understands the state’s employment laws