The impact of working in a hostile environment

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2024 | Employment Law

All Minnesota workers have the right to work in an environment that is not hostile. While that can mean different things to different people, a hostile work environment is a legal term that is related to poor working conditions. Working day-to-day in such an environment can greatly impact one’s mental well-being. Anyone who feels uncomfortable at work should be aware of their rights when it comes to working in a safe environment.  

What is considered hostile? 

A hostile work environment affects everyone in the workplace. Most employers understand the impact this can have on productivity, which is why measures are usually taken to prevent hostility on the job. Employees who find themselves in a hostile work environment may deal with long-term harassment, bullying, and discrimination. This may be dependent on an employee’s race, religion, age, disability, or other factors.  

Hostility at work can lead to an environment where employees feel intimidated or abused. Employees may look for reasons to avoid going to work, which not only impacts themselves but also the employer. Hostile work environments can happen in any industry. Employers are responsible for dealing with complaints as soon as they happen to prevent the workplace from becoming an unwelcome place for workers.   

Dealing with hostility on the job 

Everyone should be able to start each workday off without feeling harassed, intimidated, or abused. Long-term negativity in a workplace can significantly impact everyone involved, leading workers to feel unsafe on the job. Minnesota workers who believe they’re working in a hostile environment can benefit from seeking the advice of an employment law attorney. These issues are taken very seriously, and in some cases, the employer may be held civilly liable for damages.