Understanding the possible toll of workplace harassment

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2024 | Employment Law

Workplace harassment is a type of unjust behavior that can take on many forms and fashions, and such issues continue to affect the lives of far too many individuals. Whether you are an employer or employee, you may wish to take steps to stave off such behavior, but sometimes the path to achieving such goals might not be clear.  

One of the most vital aspects of preparing to combat workplace harassment could involve knowing the toll such issues can take on those involved. Addressing the effects of harassment could help place you in a position to protect against such behavior or help you prepare to seek advice on your options should similar hardships arise. 

The possible effects 

Workplace harassment can occur in virtually any type of work setting, and some examples of the possible effects of such issues on employees in Minnesota might include: 

  • Impact on performance: Studies indicate that the presence of workplace harassment can affect your job performance in various ways and may lead to an overall loss of productivity at your place of employment. 
  • Impact on health: The stress of dealing with such behavior can also take a toll on your physical and mental well-being, potentially leading to issues such as high blood pressure or anxiety. 
  • Social effects: Those who deal with harassment may start to withdraw or isolate themselves from others and might not be as inclined to take part in social activities at work. 
  • Work attendance: Similar issues can also cause employees to miss work more frequently to avoid harassing behaviors, or even leave them looking for other career opportunities to escape such treatment.  

Such behavior could also cause you to struggle to concentrate on work tasks or disrupt your ability to make important job-related decisions, and facing similar challenges can be exceedingly daunting. 

Facing workplace harassment 

While no one should have to suffer the ramifications of workplace harassment, such issues remain a prevalent concern in many professions. The presence of harassment can affect your life and career in various ways, but you might not know what you can do to confront the issues at hand. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this alone. Seeking guidance in addressing your available legal avenues could play a vital role in preparing to protect your legal rights and career interests.