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7 Traits of a Good Minnesota Employment Law Attorney

Are you the victim of employment discrimination or another type of injustice in the workplace? If so, you’ll need to find a first-class employment lawyer to represent you. Employment law is a field of law that’s highly specialized. That’s why it’s imperative you hire someone who has a wide range of knowledge in the different… Read more »

How Do Lawyers Defend People Accused of Crimes?

Criminal defense is what most people think of when they think of lawyers. The most famous lawyers who stood up in movie court scenes and delivered riveting dramatic summary speeches were criminal defense attorneys. In actual trial situations, this is what criminal defense attorneys actually do. Build cases for defense and collect evidence. They inform their… Read more »

Has Your Workplace Been Conducting Unlawful Drug or Alcohol Testing?

In the United States, 56% of employers require drug and alcohol testing as part of their hiring process. And as many as 70% may require a drug or alcohol test at some point during employment. While there are many good reasons why these tests might be necessary, there are also many employers who misuse their prerogative and… Read more »

Is Your Workplace Legally a Hostile Work Environment, or Just Hostile?

Minnesota Employment Law Attorneys There are bad bosses everywhere. Bosses who micromanage, hurl insults, or create unreasonable schedules. At best, they are incompetent and just bad at being bosses. At worst, these abuses can be the symptoms of targeted workplace hostility. And it’s not always bosses. People don’t get along with their coworkers all the… Read more »

What Is Pregnancy Discrimination?

Minnesota Employment Discrimination Attorneys Though most people think about skin color when they think about discrimination, the truth is that it can come in many forms. Many people feel like they are treated differently because of who they are, including their age, religion, and sexual orientation. In fact, many women feel discriminated against due to… Read more »

5 Steps To Take When Offered a Severance/Separation Package

Minnesota Employment Law Attorney Have you ever been offered a severance or separation package? If so, you probably know how this can be devastating and especially when you’ve been at a company for many years. When this occurs, it’s critical that you stay calm and make the right choices even if your employer is pressuring… Read more »

5 Types of Marital Status Discrimination in the Workplace in Minnesota

Minnesota Employment Law Attorneys In the US, we strongly believe that independent adults have the right to build their own personal lives. To date, marry, have kids, raise pets, and develop hobbies without these things impacting our professional careers. Even though employers can employ us ‘at will’ and fire us without cause, we also have… Read more »