Considerations to Make Before Filing for Divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Family Law

While the decision to divorce for some can come out of a moment of passion, for most couples it is something that builds up. However, divorce is not something that you want to jump into. Instead, divorce should be something that comes from careful planning even if it comes as a complete surprise to your spouse.

If you are considering divorce, before starting the process of filing, you may want to sit down and figure out these crucial elements.

Determine Your Goals

The ultimate goal of a divorce is to obviously not be married anymore. However, that should not be the only goal. You will need to sit down and make clear goals on what you want at the end of the marriage. Do you want the house? Do you want just the money from selling the house? Do you want custody of the dog? Is your business the most important thing in your life? These are answers you need. By having a priority list of things you still want to have after a marriage is over, your lawyer can help you fight for them and it will make it easier to compromise by knowing what you are willing to give up.

Gather Financial Documents

Some might not realize it, but divorce relies heavily on documentation. If you share financial records, make sure to make physical copies of those records and back up any bank statements, mortgage papers, or loan amounts. This is crucial for the division aspect of a divorce, but you will really want them for after the divorce papers are served. Not everyone reacts very rationally after being served. Some spouses might seek to hide assets, which is very illegal, and you will want proof that assets are indeed missing.

Make Living Situation Plans

If you are cruising towards divorce then it is likely that you are already like two single people living in the same house. However, you might want to consider making plans on where to stay after the divorce starts. It will limit your stress by removing you from what will be a very negative space. At first you will want to make immediate plans, such as staying with a friend or relative for a few weeks after filing. Then during that time, you will want to make more permanent plans such as renting an apartment.

Choose a Lawyer Right For You

For some, they naturally think that getting a divorce lawyer is the first step, and yes, it can be. However, typically you want to seek a divorce lawyer after you have prepared the above steps. Once you are ready to seek a divorce lawyer and begin the filing process, it is important that you don’t just pick the first divorce lawyer you find. There are likely several divorce lawyers in your area, and it is all about picking the divorce lawyer that feels right for you. Do they make you feel comfortable and confident about your divorce goals? Do you feel like they are going to have time for your case? Do they fully explain the process in a way that you understand? Everyone has different criteria for a lawyer that they need met, and it is good to have an idea of what kind of divorce lawyer you want. Don’t be afraid to shop around as well, that lawyer that you kind of like isn’t going anywhere.

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