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What Are Your Rights as an Employer

Minneapolis & St. Paul Employer Rights Lawyer If you have employees, you need to know what your employee’s rights are. They deserve a safe place to work that is free from harassment. They can also seek legal representation if they feel like they aren’t being treated fairly. While most people only think about employee’s rights,… Read more »

USERRA and Service Member Employment Law

In a democracy with a volunteer armed services, the goal is for citizen-soldiers to serve when needed, and then return to their civilian lives and careers. Employment law specific to service members helps protect this right to both serve and return to civilian life without penalty. USERRA is the acronym for Uniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Act…. Read more »

What Are Your Rights as an Employee in Minnesota

Minnesota Employee Rights Lawyer As an employee (or an employer with employees), it is important to know what rights you (and your employees) have. If you are an employee, you have a right to talk to a lawyer if you feel like your rights are being violated. If you are an employer with employees, you… Read more »

Common Minnesota Criminal Defense Charges and Defenses

Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer If you have been accused of a crime, you are going to need a criminal defense lawyer, no matter what you did. Your lawyer will work with you to come up with a plan to keep you out of prison. If that doesn’t work, he or she will work hard to… Read more »

All About Complex Civil Litigation in Minnesota

Minnesota Complex Civil Litigation Attorneys – Villaume & Schiek, P.A. Unfortunately, when you own a business, you are going to have to deal with conflict and litigation at some point. Most of the time, these are simple cases that are easily solved. For these conflicts, any experienced lawyer will be able to help. There are… Read more »

Tips to Negotiate Your Severance Package

Minnesota Employment Law Attorneys Losing your job can be devastating. Since most people live paycheck to paycheck, even missing a day or two can feel like a setback. Not knowing when you are going back to work can be a hard blow. Because of this, many companies offer a severance package. Usually, this includes money… Read more »

Things to Think About When Designing a Non-Compete Agreement

Minnesota Non-Compete Agreement Lawyer Non-compete clauses are mainly used in companies where their employees are highly trained in specific areas. These are often high-tech companies where a disgruntled employee can take all of their contacts with them. It may be also used to save company secrets. However, most of the time, these clauses are put… Read more »

Tips to Protect Your Minnesota Business During a Divorce

Minnesota Divorce & Family Law Attorney As a business owner, you have probably put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into your business. You have worked hard to make it as successful as possible. If you are going through a difficult time in your marriage (that may end up in divorce), you don’t want… Read more »

5 Risks of Overspending After a Divorce

On the surface, divorce is about emotions and a separation of two lives. In practice, it’s mostly about money. The biggest challenge is separating your lives in a way that leaves both parties with a fair net worth and the ability to get by in their new independent life. Things like salaries, expenses, and joint… Read more »