What are some prevalent examples of discriminatory behaviors?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2023 | Employment Law

While no one should have to endure unjust treatment at work, similar concerns continue to affect the well-being and lives of far too many individuals. Workplace discrimination is an issue that could occur in any work environment, and the presence of such behavior could leave you facing various challenges in life.

Discriminatory behaviors can take on various forms, and sometimes it could seem difficult to tell if the treatment you experience crosses the line and constitutes unlawful behavior. Addressing some prevalent examples of workplace discrimination could help you better prepare to seek advice on the next steps to take to safeguard your career and interests.

Prevalent examples

Dealing with unjust treatment at work can be exceedingly stressful, and sometimes the presence of such behavior could take a dire toll on your career. A few prevalent examples of workplace discrimination may include:

  • Offensive comments: Offensive remarks based on factors such as age and gender are common forms of discriminatory behavior. If employers do not take steps to protect against such issues, the atmosphere of a workplace could suffer.
  • Unequal treatment: In some cases, the presence of discrimination could also cause qualified workers to miss out on opportunities for career advancement. Being overlooked for a promotion due to discriminatory behavior can be harrowing.
  • Retaliation: In some cases, workplace discrimination could also take on the form of retaliation. Examples of unjust disciplinary actions could range anywhere from unlawful demotion to wrongful termination.
  • Job postings: Including information that appears to be more geared toward specific age groups when posting ads for open job positions is another example of a type of discriminatory practice.

Acts of discrimination could also occur as early as the initial hiring process. Encountering offensive questions and improper remarks during job interviews can prove a harrowing process.

The next steps

While even the idea of encountering unjust treatment at work can prove a daunting notion, there may be a multitude of scenarios in which this could become a reality. If you are subjected to any form of discrimination, you may have concerns about how such issues could affect your life and questions about how to protect your well-being and career. Seeking advice in evaluating your situation could help place you in a better position to step forward and confront the situation and safeguard your Minnesota future.