The negative impact of workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2023 | Employment Law

Workplace discrimination can cause many problems for Minnesota workers. Not only does discrimination affect one while at work, but it can also cause issues in one’s personal life. Discrimination comes in many forms and employees may not be sure what qualifies as discrimination or what to do when they experience it. By understanding more about discrimination on the job, employees can better understand their rights.

Understanding workplace discrimination

Discrimination in any form can create a hostile environment where workers don’t feel safe on the job. Workplace discrimination may include unfair treatment of those in a protected class, harassment by managers or fellow employees, denial of reasonable requests for accommodations based on pregnancy or other health conditions or improper questioning. Retaliation, when one does choose to speak up about unfair working conditions, is also considered discrimination.

When one feels discriminated against at work, one may suffer from mental stress which can impact one while on the job or at home. Discrimination may create a hostile working environment where no one feels safe, which can lead to low morale and can reduce productivity. Workers often want to speak up and seek help but may not know where to turn and may worry about losing their job.

Discrimination is illegal

Employees should not have to work in a hostile environment where they fear discrimination. When one believes they are being treated unfairly at work, speaking with a Minnesota attorney that understands employment law is the first step. Employees have a right to work in a job free of discrimination but if it does happen, there are legal options where one may file a lawsuit to seek compensation.