How to deal with workplace harassment

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2023 | Employment Law

Workers in Minnesota have the right to go to work in a safe environment. That not only includes physical safety but also mental well-being. Workplace harassment can negatively impact one’s life on the job and can cause issues even during non-work hours. Anyone who feels like they have experienced harassment on the job should be aware of their rights and understand what to do when it happens.

Dealing with workplace harassment

When one feels like they are being harassed at work, there are steps to take to remedy the problem. It’s helpful to first familiarize oneself with the harassment policy at one’s place of work. Sometimes, it’s as simple as speaking with the individual who is doing the harassing and firmly asking them to stop. If this isn’t an option, one can speak with HR or a supervisor about the issue.

Most workplaces will not tolerate harassment, whether it’s coming from a co-worker or a superior. Anyone who feels like they are being harassed should document each incident as well as each time one speaks with someone about the problem. If no one does anything to stop the harassment, an individual may have cause for legal action.

Harassment victims have legal rights

One’s place of work should feel safe, and no one should be harassed while they are working. Victims of workplace harassment often feel very stressed while at work, which can cause personal issues as well. Victims should know that they have the right to speak out without retaliation. When a worker is being harassed, and the issue is not resolved in a timely manner, the next step is to consult a Minnesota attorney that’s familiar with employment laws at the state and federal levels.