Teaching License Defense Attorneys For Minnesota Educators

As a teacher, your professional license is your livelihood. Allegations of misconduct or ethics violations can put your hard-earned career at risk. Our experienced teaching license defense attorneys at Villaume & Schiek, understand what is at stake. We are a long-trusted firm with a proven record of success defending the licenses of professionals such as Minnesota teachers facing disciplinary issues.

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Accusations That Can Threaten Your Teaching License

Teachers can face a wide range of accusations that may jeopardize their Board of Teaching licenses. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Criminal charges
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Ethical breaches
  • Misconduct allegations such as inappropriate student relationships
  • Excessive force claims
  • Discriminatory behavior complaints
  • Alleged incompetence

Even seemingly minor issues can spiral into formal complaints that may permanently impact your ability to teach in Minnesota.

Teaching License Defense Lawyers Here To Safeguard Your Professional Future

If you are under investigation or have had your license suspended, you still have rights. Our teaching license defense lawyers can advocate for you at every stage — from responding to initial allegations to appealing disciplinary actions. We utilize a comprehensive approach, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, securing expert testimony and building a strong case for teacher license reinstatement or clearing your name.

As a firm specializing in professional license defense, we understand the processes and protocols better than anyone in the Twin Cities area. Our attorneys will vigorously defend your reputation and future as an educator.

Your Career And Reputation As An Educator Are At Stake – Call Our Firm

Teaching is your passion and your profession. Don’t let unfair allegations strip you of your career without a fight. Contact Villaume & Schiek’s team of teaching license defense lawyers today. Call our Bloomington office at 952-641-7734 or complete our contact form to get the respected, results-driven representation you deserve.