Twin Cities Social Worker License Defense Lawyers For Social Workers Statewide

Becoming a licensed social worker is no easy feat. It requires immense perseverance through years of specialized education and training. Finally, earning your Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW), Licensed Social Worker (LSW) or Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW) credential from the Minnesota Board of Social Work represents a monumental achievement — the culmination of your commitment to serving communities in need.

Yet this invaluable license that validates your ability to practice in this vital field is also extremely vulnerable. One unproven allegation of misconduct or a criminal charge can put everything you’ve worked so hard to attain at risk of being stripped away in an instant.

At Villaume & Schiek, our social worker license defense lawyers understand just how devastating this threat can be. When allegations arise that could suspend or permanently revoke your social work license, you need an immediate legal response to protect your license to practice, and our attorneys are here to help.

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Misconduct And Disciplinary Actions That Threaten Your License

Social workers can face disciplinary proceedings before the Minnesota Board of Social Work for a variety of alleged violations, including unethical conduct, criminal convictions, substance abuse issues or failure to meet continuing education requirements. Your license type – whether LISW, LSW or LGSW – does not make you immune from having it suspended or revoked entirely.

A License Suspension Leads To More Than Just A Lost Job

A suspended or permanently revoked social work license can ruin your entire career. You’ll be unable to practice, immediately losing your primary income source. In addition, the reputational damage can make it extremely difficult to find new employment, even if your license is later reinstated. You can’t leave your opportunity to defend your license to chance.

Our Social Worker License Defense Attorneys Have Extensive Experience

Our team at Villaume & Schiek has extensive experience representing social workers facing investigations and disciplinary actions from the Minnesota Board of Social Work. Our attorneys understand the state laws and regulations around licensing violations. With this knowledge and experience, we can help represent you in disciplinary hearings to make your case.

Your License Must Be Protected – Call Now

It’s important to act quickly when your social work license and livelihood are threatened. Contact the social worker license defense lawyers at Villaume & Schiek at 952-641-7734 or send us an email. We represent social workers in the Twin Cities area and throughout Minnesota.