Psychologist License Defense Lawyers For Clients Throughout Minnesota

The road to attaining a psychologist license is a long and arduous one. You’ll need the appropriate doctoral degree, pass multiple exams and pay numerous fees in order to acquire a psychologist license. Additionally, maintaining the license is another challenge, and psychologists can lose their licenses due to disciplinary actions or allegations of misconduct.

If you face a potential license suspension, Villaume & Schiek can be your ally. Our psychologist license defense attorneys have extensive experience defending psychologists before the Minnesota Board of Psychology. Based in Bloomington, we are the premier professional license defense law firm representing clients throughout Minnesota.

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Accusations That Could Jeopardize Your Psychologist License

Psychologist licenses can be suspended, revoked or impacted for reasons such as:

  • Criminal charges (sexual offenses, drug charges, etc.)
  • Ethical violations (patient boundary issues, fraud, etc.)
  • Substance abuse or mental health issues
  • Negligence or incompetence allegations
  • Unprofessional conduct complaints

Any of these allegations, no matter how seemingly minor, require a forceful response to protect your professional standing.

Potential Disciplinary Actions Against Psychologists

Depending on the violation, psychologists may face disciplinary actions like:

  • License suspension or revocation
  • Probationary status
  • Fines or civil penalties
  • Mandatory education, training or supervision
  • Other sanctions impacting your ability to practice

Facing any of these disciplinary actions can have lasting impacts on your psychology career and future employability. That’s why having skilled legal counsel is critical.

Don’t Risk Your Career By Defending Yourself – Put A Proven Psychologist License Defense Lawyer On Your Side

Dealing with the complexities of psychology licensing laws and presenting an effective legal defense is extremely challenging without an experienced attorney-adviser. Self-representation leaves your professional future vulnerable. Our psychologist license lawyers know the procedures and rules and will vigorously advocate for you at every stage – from responding to initial complaints to appeals. We understand what’s at stake and will fight to protect your license.

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