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If you are like most parents facing a divorce, you worry about not being able to spend time with your children whenever you want. You may be concerned about shuttling the kids from one house to the other if you have shared custody. If you’re hoping to have sole physical child custody, the reality of being the only one responsible for middle of the night ear aches, doctor appointments, homework and chore schedules, the soccer practice shuttle and getting dinner on the table might be sinking in.Children typically benefit from routine. So do adults. At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., we will work to find a new routine or parenting plan that works for both parents and the children. Attorney Gisselman understands the feelings and considerations of the parents, the needs and requirements of the children, and the rules of law that apply to child custody in Minnesota.

Child Custody Considerations

The family law court system approaches matters related to children with a primary goal to act in the child’s best interest. If you and your spouse cannot find a way to reach a child custody agreement, the court will do it for you. It is almost always better to find a way to work it out with the other parent, rather than risk an adverse decision.

There are several decisions you will need to make regarding child custody.

  • Legal custody — This is typically shared between parents, so both parents will need to agree on medical decisions, schooling choices and religious upbringing. There are some instances where a parent would want sole custody of all legal matters.
  • Joint Physical custody — Custody sometimes arranged between parents as a 50/50 arrangement. The child can live with each parent for one or two weeks at a time. Occasionally, the child stays in one home and the parents alternate living with the child. A detailed parenting plan would outline details such as holidays and vacation time.
  • Sole Physical custody — The children live with one parent and the other parent has visitation privileges. A common arrangement is that the non-custodial parent has the children every other weekend, and perhaps one evening per week for dinner and homework. The schedule would be part of a parenting plan.

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