Minnesota School Violence Lawyers

If you are a student, teacher or school employee who has suffered physical or emotional harm in a school, you may be able to obtain compensation for your losses and suffering.

At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., we are experienced education rights attorneys who represent victims of school violence, bullying and harassment. Our lawyers are experienced, knowledgeable in the civil and criminal aspects of school violence, and determined to help our clients obtain compensation and justice for the wrongs done to them.

Experienced Bullying Or Physically Attacked At School? Talk To Us.

While some school districts in our state have established policies and put in place proactive measures to counter bullying and violence in schools, many districts have not. Even where such policies and measures exist, they may not be sufficient to prevent individuals from harming others.

Villaume & Schiek, P.A., represents students, teachers, school employees and other people who have suffered physical harm or harassment in educational institutions throughout Minnesota. When you retain our law firm, we will be your strong advocate, documenting the harmful event or events and seeking full compensation for you. By shining the light on violent or harassing behavior, we can obtain a measure of justice.

Compensation in a school violence case can include the costs of medical care and psychological counseling, lost income, lost employment benefits, and noneconomic losses such as pain and suffering.

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