Education Rights Lawyer In Minnesota

Current Minnesota law dictates that each school board must adopt and enact an anti-bullying policy for their school system. However, it does not dictate what specifically must be included in that policy. The result is a patchwork of policies across the state that may or may not cover every form of harassment and may leave your child unprotected.

At Villaume & Schiek, our education rights attorneys help students in Minnesota achieve justice for the harm done to them. Your child has the right to receive an education within a safe and nonhostile environment. If your child has suffered from bullying by classmates in or out of school, we can help you find legal solutions to the problem, including criminal and civil charges.

Under The Law, Your Child Is Protected Against Bullying

Bullying has become endemic in our schools and has resulted in children who are being bullied committing suicide to escape it. If your local school board does not have an adequate anti-bullying policy, or if it has yet to adopt one, and therefore your child is suffering because his or her teachers have no recourse to protect him or her, you have the right to find legal means to put a stop to this behavior before it results in serious harm to your child.

Bullying can occur in many forms and may include:

  • Harassment because of sexual orientation
  • Harassment because of race
  • Harassment because of sex
  • Harassment because of not being in the right clique
  • Spreading rumors about an individual
  • Insults, practical jokes and cruel behavior
  • Taking inappropriate pictures and posting them to social media
  • Posting inappropriate or harassing messages through social media

Unfortunately, because of social media, many children are unable to escape their harassers at home. Cyberbullying has become as prevalent as physical or verbal bullying. Many school districts do not have a policy against cyberbullying either.

Our lawyers are dedicated to advocacy for students who are being bullied and cyberbullied by fellow students or teachers. We will carefully evaluate the circumstances your child is experiencing and build a case against the perpetrators. We use our knowledge and experience to achieve compensation for the physical or emotional harm done to your child.

If Your Child Is Being Bullied And The School Isn’t Helpful, Call Us

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