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Receiving SSDI Benefits if You Become Disabled in Minnesota

Becoming disabled can quickly turn your life upside down. If you cannot work, then you cannot pay your bills. Luckily, you might qualify to collect Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) to cover your expenses if you become disabled. What is SSDI? Funded through payroll taxes, SSDI is a government program administered by the Social Security Administration. … Read more »

Disparate Employment Actions: What is the Four Fifths Rule?

Federal agencies that are responsible for enforcing equal employment laws and civil rights have several ways they can evaluate the impacts of adverse job actions and disparate treatment on both individuals and groups. Individual concerns may be easy to evaluate by comparing job actions to peers; when systems are large and complex, however, finding the truth about how employees… Read more »

What Qualifies as Job Discrimination?

When it comes to the workplace, fair treatment should be the order of the day. Everything from getting hired for a job, to being promoted to a new position, to being demoted or even terminated, needs to be based on objective standards. However, that ideal has rarely been the case in a practical sense. Discrimination… Read more »

How Do You Prove Disparate Treatment?

What is Disparate Treatment? If an employee makes a claim of disparate treatment against his employer, it means that he believes that his employer has discriminated against him based on his membership in a protected class (race, religion, gender, national origin, sexuality, disability or other “difference”).  The employee can make such a claim under Title VII… Read more »

What is Considered Discrimination at Work?

Workplace discrimination occurs when a person receives unfavorable treatment based on his/her gender, age, disability, religion, race, sexual orientation, pregnancy status or national origin.  Discrimination may affect hiring, firing, job assignments, salary, benefits, training, promotions and/or layoffs. No matter how large or small an employer is, he must know exactly what workplace discrimination is and how to… Read more »

9 Basic Teachers’ Rights and Employment Laws

If you’re a teacher, you know how your profession is exceptionally demanding, besides stressful and time-consuming. Today, teaching can be even more challenging than decades ago as discipline continues to be a problem. When confronting challenges that can affect the quality of your work performance, it’s important you know your rights as a teacher. Here… Read more »

5 Signs You Should Consult with Minnesota Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Fair employment practices are vital in the modern business world. If managers and execs are allowed to make decisions based on their internal prejudices and biases, then the workforce will quickly become unbalanced toward those who meet the ‘have a beer with’ standard whether or not they are skilled and dedicated workers. Even if the… Read more »

Minnesota Law on Meal Breaks and Paid Rest Breaks at Work

From beach bars to international banks and everything in between, employers the world over have used rest and lunch breaks as ways to cheat their staff members. Young and old, entry-level or decades of experience, employer policies are not always in line with the law. And the variance is almost always in favor of the… Read more »

What Qualities Make A Good Family Law Attorney?

Very few situations in life are more stressful than those that involve problems in the family circle. According to the Holmes-Rahe stress scale, divorce is the highest scoring stressor second only to the death of a spouse. Family law attorneys deal with the most intimate arena of life and therefore must exercise careful consideration for the… Read more »

How to Defend Yourself from Workplace Harassment in Minnesota

Workplace harassment is, for many, a professional worst nightmare. On top of building your skills and trying to climb the corporate ladder (or just do a good job in a day) you have to deal with someone who uses rude, abusive, and viciously biased against you. Workplace harassment can come in many forms, from hurled… Read more »