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The Coronavirus and Your Job: Addressing Concerns

Businesses of all sizes, government officials, schools, and other entities are all taking it one day at a time as we try to get through this coronavirus pandemic. As the number of positive COVID-19 cases continues to increase each passing day, head officials are advising people to distance themselves with others and avoid large group… Read more »

Have You Been Discriminated Against Because Of Your Age?

Generally, when someone has several years’ worth of experience in a particular job field, an employer will view that person as someone who can add value to the workplace. These are the people who have a clear understanding of how the business works and what it will take to be a success. Also, they will… Read more »

Coronavirus vs. The Minnesota Workplace: What Is The Impact?

COVID-19 and its Symptoms Coronavirus(COVID-19) continues to be a global concern of epic proportions. Many people viewed the coronavirus as something that could be compared to the flu or pneumonia. However, the coronavirus is neither of those types of infections. Coronaviruses can range from  SARS-CoV, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, to the common cold. Some of… Read more »

Are You Being Discriminated Against In Your Minnesota Workplace?

Federal laws and state laws are put in place to stop employers from discriminating against a job candidate or a current employee because of the following: race gender religion sexual orientation gender identity pregnancy physical or other disability age While one may think the above types of discrimination were once a thing of the past,… Read more »

Minnesota Employment Law: Workplace Retaliation

Employees all across the world would like to firmly believe that if they acknowledge and address any wrongdoing, discrimination, or harassment that they would be protected at all times. However, many employees were on the wrong end of the situation when everything was over. Workplace discrimination is alive and well. Unfortunately, so is workplace retaliation…. Read more »

Find the Best Employment Lawyer in Minnesota for Your Case

In life, we believe that one will always be rewarded for hard work. However, what we believe does not always happen. What happens when hard work is not always rewarded? Sometimes job applicants and employees are not always rewarded for their hard work and their efforts. Every job applicant is not given a fair chance,… Read more »

Minnesota Employment Law: Workplace Discrimination

At Villaume & Schiek, we have represented a significant number of employees and we are always ready and prepared to hold an employer accountable for the actions that have taken place. We understand what it takes to handle issues that take place in the workplace. We know how important it is for our clients to be… Read more »

Are You Seeking Unpaid Minneapolis Commissions and Bonus Payments?

In Minneapolis, commissions and bonuses often make up a huge portion of the compensation package many employees receive. This is certainly true for many types of industries, including the following: sales industry financial services medical services Sometimes issues and disagreements arise when an employer makes changes terms in regards to the commissions and bonuses that… Read more »