When can an educator’s license be revoked or suspended?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2023 | Employment Law

Minnesota educators often deal with job-related stress due to the nature of their field. Often, this stress may be related to concerns about job performance and job stability. Teachers, like those who work in many other professions, are required to go through a process to get an educator’s license. Most educators are aware of the possibility of having their license revoked or suspended. But teachers need to know what could lead to such an action so they’re able to protect themselves and keep their licenses intact.  

License revocation or suspension 

Educators must be licensed before teaching and must renew their licenses periodically. Either the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board or the Board of School Administrators will have jurisdiction over a teacher’s license. If a complaint is filed against a teacher, the authoritative body may refuse to renew, suspend or revoke a license. 

Complaints against teachers may involve accusations of immoral or improper behavior. A teacher’s ability to perform their duties can also be subject to complaint if someone feels that the teacher in question is not teaching effectively according to the terms of the contract. Complaints may also be issued related to fraud or misrepresentation in acquiring the license.  

Seek help if a license is in question 

Defending one’s teaching license can be very stressful. One may be required to present evidence to counter the accusations and it’s helpful to have an experienced attorney on one’s side during the process. Illinois teachers who are concerned about the status of their license can benefit from consulting an attorney to understand how best to defend themselves against the accusations.