The importance of documenting workplace harassment

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2023 | Employment Law

Workplace harassment happens to many employees in Minnesota and other states. Being harassed at work makes it difficult to stay on task, creating an unpleasant work environment for the person being harassed and those who witness the harassment. Everyone has a right to work in an environment free of harassment from other employees or managers. When one is harassed at work, documentation is key in proving one’s case against the harasser.  

How to document harassment 

It’s important for anyone being harassed at work to document each incident with times, dates, and as many details as possible. Keep a list of witnesses who can be called upon if needed. If one has been sent inappropriate pictures, texts, or emails, copies of those should be kept as evidence.  

Workplace harassment can have both short-term and long-term effects on the person being harassed. It’s not uncommon for someone to try to find reasons to avoid going to work, which can negatively impact their job. Harassment should be taken seriously and reported to the appropriate source. If harassment is reported and nothing is done about it, the next step would be to go another superior or to human resources.  

Dealing with the legal side of harassment 

Workers have the right to be free of bullying and harassment while on the job. Harassment at work can create an environment where everyone feels uncomfortable, affecting the job performance of the person being harassed and others. Plus, harassment can be debilitating to one’s mental well-being. Any Minnesota worker who is being harassed at work can benefit from consulting an attorney to better understand their legal options in taking action against those believed responsible.