New executive order may spawn new job opportunities

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2023 | Employment Law

Searching for a job can be a daunting experience. Whether one is looking for a better job or trying to get back into the workforce after a lengthy absence, many obstacles can prevent one from finding job opportunities. Fortunately for workers without a college degree, Minnesota has recently introduced an executive order that may open new opportunities for those looking to work in certain positions in the state.  

Some jobs will no longer require a college degree 

Those seeking job openings may understandably feel discouraged when they find out that a college degree is required. Minnesota’s governor recently signed an executive order that will open some jobs to non-degree workers who previously would not have been qualified for those positions. Executive Order 23-14 will allow employers to consider skills and work experience in the hiring process, rather than simply excluding those without college degrees.  

This executive order also allows for more training availability to state employees and methods to support career advancement. Managers, supervisors, leaders, and directors will be subject to new competency assessments. The order also provides guidelines for improving the state’s human resources policies and practices.  

Help with employment issues  

Even with laws in place that are designed to make it easier for Minnesota workers to find jobs, something may still hinder the process. There are many legalities surrounding the hiring process and when an employer doesn’t follow the laws, they may be held civilly liable. Any prospective employee who feels they were mistreated during the hiring process can benefit from seeking advice from an experienced employment law attorney.