Information for nurses about license revocation or suspension

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2023 | Professional License

Nursing is a difficult job and sometimes nurses experience events that could cause their license to be revoked. Minnesota nurses understandably want to do everything possible to keep their licenses in good standing, but the state board of nursing does suspend and revoke licenses for various reasons. Nurses who are concerned about losing their license, or those who have already had a suspension or revocation, should be aware of their rights and know their options when it comes to getting their license back.  

Reasons for license revocation or suspension 

There are many work-related acts that can cause a board of nursing to revoke or suspend a license. This can include mistreatment of a patient or breaching a patient’s confidentiality. Falsifying medical records can also cause a license to be revoked. Nurses should be aware of the laws in their state, and specifically the laws for the facility in which they work to prevent making errors that can lead to licensing issues.  

Not all nursing license revocations or suspensions are work-related. Nurses can have their licenses revoked for not paying child support. Sexual misconduct, both inside and outside of the workplace can also be a cause for removal. Lastly, nurses should take care not to be involved in drug or alcohol-related crimes as those can lead to a license suspension or revocation. 

Legal help when one’s license status is in question 

Nurses, just like people in other professions, can make mistakes. These mistakes may lead to a review by the board of nursing to decide whether the accused will retain their license. Minnesota nurses who are concerned about losing their license can benefit from consulting an attorney who has knowledge of the state’s employment laws to better understand how to defend themselves against the accusations.