Finding support as a disabled worker in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2023 | Employment Law

Many disabled workers in Minnesota have concerns that their employers don’t provide the support needed to help them be successful at work. Under law, employers are required to make certain accommodations for disabled employees. When employers aren’t educated about these accommodations, or they fail to implement plans to help disabled workers succeed, the work environment may not be healthy, and workers may not be able to meet their goals. 

Employers can benefit from education 

As more disabled workers enter the workforce to fill job openings, employers may soon realize they need to be more educated about providing accommodations for those workers. Two Minnesota agencies launched a program to encourage employers to hire more non-traditional workers, many of whom would be considered neurodivergent or disabled. Some companies may be eligible for financial assistance to cover expenses for reasonable accommodation to help employees feel more comfortable at work.  

Accommodations for so-called nontraditional workers may include flexible schedules, working environments with adjustable lighting, and seating arrangements that allow disabled employees to work comfortably. Employers may be able to get funding from the Department of Employment and Economic Development’s program to help them pay for some of these accommodations. It’s important for employers to carefully consider the needs of their disabled employers to ensure they are following the laws of the state. 

Legal help for disabled employees 

Disabled employees have the right to work with reasonable accommodations to them help be productive at work. The regulations for these accommodations can vary depending on the situation, so employees should be aware of their rights. Any worker in Minnesota who feels that they have been discriminated against or treated unfairly based on a disability or other reason may be eligible for compensation. Those in this situation can speak with an attorney that has experience with employment-based civil lawsuits to understand their options.