Guidelines for Finding the Right Employment Law Attorney

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Employment Law

If you’ve ever had to find an employment law attorney, you know how stressful this decision can be because not having the right person to represent you can affect your financial security.

Since there are a multitude of employment law attorneys from which to choose, making the correct choice can be difficult if you don’t know what to ask or the qualities to look for in a lawyer. Here are some of the main guidelines for finding a highly qualified employment law attorney, along with a few other considerations and warnings.

What Is Employment Law?

Maybe you’ve heard of the term “employment law” but aren’t quite sure what it means. Put simply, employment law pertains the field of law governing relationships between employers and employees. Hence, if a business consists of more than a single worker, the company uses employment law.

This area of law includes both state and federal laws, including various subjects for protecting the rights of workers. In fact, over 180 federal laws govern workplace activities that affect roughly 125 million American workers and 10 million employers.

Choose an Employment Law Attorney Who Specializes in Your Specific Case

It’s not enough to simply hire an attorney who specializes in employment law because employment law attorneys handle a wide range of situations. That’s why you’ll need someone who has had enough experience in cases similar to yours.

Thus, if your situation involves whistleblowing, look for an employment law attorney who’s had experience in representing whistleblowers and has a good track record in winning cases. But if your case is about wage and hour problems, such as issues pertaining to meal break violations or equal pay, then hire someone who’s dealt with these concerns.

Determine the Accessibility of a Lawyer and Ask About Communication Methods

You may have a top-notch employment law attorney, but if it’s difficult to get in touch with your lawyer, think twice about hiring him or her. It’s a good idea to check to see if a lawyer returns your calls promptly after first contacting the law firm.

Ask about how an attorney prefers to communicate, such as by phone calls, text messages, emails or another type of communication. Furthermore, ask if you’ll be talking with the lawyer directly or to another person from the office. Additionally, find out how you’ll receive updates, regarding your case.

Other Considerations and Warnings

  • Know your rights as an employee. These rights include those, such as the right to be free from harassment and discrimination, the right to privacy of mail and other possessions and the right to get fair compensation. You and your employment law attorney should be in agreement, regarding the advocation of these rights.
  • Understand a lawyer’s payment arrangements. In most cases, employment law attorneys provide free consultations. This is a good time to ask about how a lawyer expects to be paid.
  • Find a lawyer who is trustworthy, goes with your personality and is someone with whom you feel comfortable.
  • Ask about the percentage of cases a lawyer has handled that went to trial.
  • Ensure that any lawyer you’re considering represents employees rather than employers.
  • Although experience is certainly beneficial, sometimes older lawyers who are looking forward to retiring soon may not be as passionate as new ones.
  • Ask about clerkships, which is a job some attorneys take with a court once they’ve graduated from law school. This is a plus because a clerkship can provide extensive experience as they work with a judge directly. As a result, they learn much about courtroom procedures.
  • If you ask a lawyer about jury instructions, and they hesitate or look unsure about what to say, then consider this a “red light.” An attorney who handles your specific type of case should be ready to give you a list of jury instructions.
  • Don’t just depend on a lawyer’s website to determine if a firm is right for you. Usually, attorneys focusing on specific areas of law have devoted considerable time in writing articles, blog posts, e-books and other publications.
  • Ask friends and relatives for references since word-of-mouth is still the best way to find a good employment law attorney.
  • Call a business to find out as much as possible about how the law firm operates as well as the office staff.

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