Penalties for Driving After Cancellation in Minnesota

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There are a myriad of reasons in which a driver’s license can be cancelled. Even if it happened only five minutes ago, if you get behind the wheel afterwards and find yourself pulled over, you are able to be charged with Driving after Cancellation. In Minnesota, Driving after Cancellation (DAC) is one of the more frequent traffic offenses that happen on the road. Many times, people who are driving home from the DMV after a visit are guilty of it. However, anyone who has had their license cancelled and has been given notice about it is at risk to be arrested for it if they get behind the wheel.

What is Driving after Cancellation?

The definition of Driving after Cancellation is very straightforward. Your license has been canceled, and thus you no longer have a valid driver’s license. You can no longer legally drive a motor vehicle. As for why your license in Minnesota has been canceled, there are a number of different reasons. These reasons for cancellation include:

  • You have developed a physical or mental impairment that no longer allows you to operate a motor vehicle safely. This is common for elderly who have their license canceled due to heavily impaired eyesight.
  • You did not pass a driver’s test requested by the DMV to renew your license.
  • It was discovered that you provided false information on your application for your driver’s license.
  • You committed a crime, such as multiple DUIs, that had the cancellation of your license as a punishment.

Punishments for Driving After Cancellation

When you are pulled over for Driving after Cancellation in Minnesota, even the most strict punishments for this crime aren’t quite as bad as they could be. Typically, DAC is charged as a misdemeanor, which means the maximum punishment is 90 days in jail and/or $1,000 in fines. However, this is a stackable punishment. This means if you were caught Driving after Cancellation four times, you face $4,000 in fines or a full year in jail.

Furthermore, if your license was canceled for multiple DUI arrests, then it likely classified you as a threat to public safety. If your license was cancelled for this reason, your crime is raised up to a gross misdemeanor. When Driving after Cancellation is raised to a gross misdemeanor, the punishment is then raised to a year of jail time and/or a $3,000 fine. This punishment is also stackable if you were caught driving after your license has been cancelled multiple times.

The final punishment of Driving after Cancellation is that you will lose your license for at least 30 days. This is an automatic punishment after either pleading guilty or being convicted. What they don’t tell you is that this is still the case even if you have obtained a valid license again before your conviction. This means that even if you have a valid license, you will still lose it again after the conviction is finalized.

Legal Representation for Driving After Cancellation

If you were driving on a cancelled license, it can be a very difficult to argue your case. The best defense is often to claim that you didn’t know your cancellation had gone through yet and to make it seem like a more innocent act than it may have been.

If you are in Minnesota and being charged with Driving after Cancellation, you shouldn’t just quietly accept your punishment. They are strict and costly for something that often wasn’t done with malicious intent. Contact us to see what the Law Office of Villaume & Schiek can do for you. We are dedicated to defending the rights of Minnesota residents, even if their cases seem hopeless.

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