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Is It Time to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Your Impairments & Functionality The ability to function physically or mentally is the biggest factor in determining the extent of your disability. While Social Security lists impairments in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) at Volume 20, Appendix 1 to Subpart P of Part 404 listing of Impairments, not all disabilities will fall into one of… Read more »

Finding A Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer For Sex Crimes

Prostitution is a serious offense that occurs often than many people think in Minnesota. As a result of the frequent prostitution offenses that are committed, law enforcement officials regularly conduct prostitution stings to catch people who are selling sex or sexual favors in exchange for money. The prostitution stings are also used to catch the… Read more »

Professional License Defense

Professional License Defense Attorney Minneapolis & St. Paul Minnesota is home to thousands of licensed professionals who work hard and provide valuable services to state residents. Many of them have several years of training and education invested in their chosen occupation. Those individuals can quickly have their dreams squashed when allegations of misconduct threaten their… Read more »

Proving Employment Discrimination: The Basics

Despite many strides over the years, employment discrimination continues to be a problem here in the Twin Cities area and across the country. For example, the Washington Post reports that there were over one million discrimination complaints filed between 2010 and 2017. Filing a complaint and proving your case are entirely different, which is why you should keep the… Read more »

The Position of Non-Competion Agreements

Protecting Trade Secrets Non-competition agreements assure businesses that employees will not be able to take the intellectual property gained while working with them and establish their competing companies. These contract clauses are becoming increasingly common as the economy becomes increasingly technical. Performance of jobs increasingly involves the use of trade secrets, specialized custom-written intellectual property, and… Read more »

What’s A Non-Compete Agreement?

People get a lot of papers to sign when they first hire on with a company. You may, however, be surprised when your new employer presents you with a non-compete agreement, sometimes called a restrictive covenant, as part of the hiring process. Here are a few things you should know about these types of agreements…. Read more »

Your Minnesota Employee Rights Regarding Meals and Break Periods

Meal breaks and rest periods are among the most misunderstood and abused of all the employee rights. In part, because many employers feel that their requirement to supply these breaks is up for interpretation. While the timing and length of these breaks can vary, Minnesota employees have an absolute right to meal breaks and rest… Read more »

Guidelines for Finding the Right Employment Law Attorney

If you’ve ever had to find an employment law attorney, you know how stressful this decision can be because not having the right person to represent you can affect your financial security. Since there are a multitude of employment law attorneys from which to choose, making the correct choice can be difficult if you don’t… Read more »

When Might I Need the Services of an Employment Attorney?

You may feel like you have been discriminated at work on wrongfully terminated, or some other situation that has adversely affected your employment. Your first instinct is probably to speak with an employment attorney before making any next steps, but how can they help? WHAT DOES AN EMPLOYMENT LAWYER DO? Employment lawyers represent employees in… Read more »

Minnesota Workplace Harassment Lawyers

Though you deserve a safe and friendly work environment, there are times when your employer and other employees can make your place of employment uncomfortable and stressful. You can’t always do anything about it (other than move on). However, there are times when you may feel singled out due to your identity. If you are… Read more »