Do You Need A Minneapolis Employment And Severance Agreement Lawyer?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Employment Law

While there may not be many Minnesota employees who have the opportunity to participate in contract negotiations with an employer, those who are presented with this opportunity have a grand opportunity in front of them. There are some public employers and companies that take the steps to outline severance packages in the contracts of their employees. On the other hand, some companies will offer severance packages to employees who have been let go, employees who are preparing to retire, or employees who have been laid off.

Minneapolis Employment and Severance Agreement lawyers will be able to perform a review of your case and determine if you are entitled to receive a severance package, in addition to performing an evaluation of any additional packages you have been offered. In Minnesota and in federal law, if you are employed at will, there is no requirement to offer any type of severance pay once you have been fired or discharged in any manner.

It will not matter how long you have been employed with a company or how excellent of an employee you have been. An employer can terminate you on an at-will basis with zero notice. When you have been let go, there is nothing that states you have to be given a severance package. However, there are some employers who will offer a severance agreement.

A Severance Package

What is a severance package? A severance package is the benefits and the pay that will be offered to an employee who has been terminated, laid off for an extensive period of time, or asked to retire. A severance package could include an uninterrupted salary, additional payment for any unused sick days or vacation days, or the continuous of insurance benefits. When one retires, the severance package can include the retirement benefits that other retirees receive.

A lawyer who specializes in employment and severance agreements will be able to determine if the severance package you have been offered is a fair offer after taking in all the specifics of your employment. If it has been determined that the package your former employer offered you is not a fair or satisfactory offer, steps can be taken to negotiate a better agreement. Sometimes severance packages are offered to employees because they were unfairly terminated, but a lawyer will be able to help protect your rights.

Can I Be Forced To Sign A Severance Package?

When we view this from an employer’s perspective, one of the purposes of offering someone a severance package is to get you to waive the rights you have legally. An employer is making an offer to avoid an anticipated situation or occurrence where you could make a legal claim. When a severance agreement is offered, this could be an indication that the employer could think that legal claims can be made against them.

This is why it is so important that the severance agreement you are being offered is a reasonable offer, especially given the circumstances surrounding your previous employment and the circumstances surrounding your termination. It is important that you know you do not have to sign the severance agreement that was placed in front of you. We encourage you to have your severance agreement offer viewed by an employment and severance agreement lawyer so your rights can be protected and so you can be justly compensated.

Can Additional Severance Pay Be Granted?

Absolutely! This is one of the reasons why it is so important to speak with a Minneapolis employment lawyer about the agreement and the current status of your employment. We will give you straightforward answers and honest opinions about the employment situation you are currently in. You may have the opportunity to file a legal claim against your employer and we will be able to help you determine if you do. We can also determine if you are being offered enough in the severance agreement. If you are not being offered enough in this agreement, we can contact the employer and begin negotiating additional pay.

If you are offered a severance agreement, have signed a severance agreement, or firmly believe you deserved to be offered an agreement, we can help you place yourself in the best position to continue with your life and take the next steps in finding a new career. For more information on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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