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With a rise in teenage and child cellphone and social media use, electronic harassment or bullying via electronic mediums has risen sharply. Internet use is vague, however, making it easy for students and parents to be falsely accused of bullying or harassment.

According to Minnesota statute, bullying involves any conduct that oppresses, intimidates, threatens or causes a reasonable person (or child) to feel oppressed, intimidated or threatened. This can include all forms of contact, including, electronic forms and forms involving Internet use.

Minneapolis Harassment Attorneys

At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., of Bloomington, Minnesota, we are committed to defending the interests of individuals charged with bullying or intimidation. This is a very specific and narrow area of law, requiring a high degree of understanding of where the line lies between bullying and misunderstanding. We are highly successful in presenting our clients' stories in these cases, demonstrating when a situation is misunderstood or blown out of proportion.

If you are facing charges related to bullying or electronic harassment, we are prepared to help. To arrange a consultation to discuss the situation with a Minnesota bullying attorney, please call our law firm today at 952-232-1886 or toll free at 866-719-3452.

Bullying charges can encompass a wide range of participants, including:

  • Kids harassing kids
  • Students harassing school workers and teachers
  • Teachers and school workers harassing students
  • Teachers harassing teachers
  • Administrators harassing teachers
  • Parents harassing other children

If you or your child has been accused of bullying, it is important that you seek legal representation as quickly as possible to avoid consequences and further charges. Bullying is easily compounded by additional legal charges, including stalking, harassment, physical threats and mental injury.

Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate the situation and all participants involved. We will show the intent behind any seemingly intimidating contact, whether verbal or electronic. Often there are untold circumstances or previous interactions that provide perspective and insight into the matter.

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