Professional Misconduct Defense Lawyers For Clients Throughout Minnesota

For professionals across industries, a misconduct allegation can potentially end a career. Reputations painstakingly built over decades can come crashing down with a single claim of unethical behavior, criminal conduct or other violations. Licenses and credentials that allow you to practice are suddenly threatened with suspension or revocation. Our professional misconduct defense attorneys understand what you are going through, and we are here to help.

With the right legal strategy and advocacy from experienced professional license defense attorneys, misconduct claims can be confronted head-on. At Villaume & Schiek, in Bloomington, our team of lawyers provides legal representation and defense against all types of misconduct claims for professionals in multiple industries.

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Workplace Violations That Can Cost Your License

Employment misconduct covers a wide range of actions that can prompt disciplinary proceedings and licensure issues. Common allegations include:

  • Discrimination or harassment violations
  • Unethical conduct or breach of duties
  • Misuse of funds or company resources
  • Substance abuse impacting job performance

Even if the claims are unfounded or embellished, the impacts on your professional reputation and standing can be severe if you don’t put up a strong legal defense.

Career-Ending Criminal Allegations

Criminal charges like fraud, assault or substance abuse can also trigger disciplinary actions by licensing boards, even if the alleged conduct was unrelated to your job. The consequences of a criminal conviction are serious:

  • Suspension or revocation of professional licenses/credentials
  • Loss of employment and future job prospects
  • Costly fines and other penalties

Facing criminal charges as a licensed professional puts your entire career at risk. You should strongly consider challenging the allegations with legal counsel at your side.

We Defend Professionals Across Different Industries

Professional misconduct cases are complicated affairs, requiring deep knowledge of regulatory disciplinary proceedings and criminal defense tactics. Our team at Villaume & Schiek builds defense strategies suited to the unique circumstances of each client across industries like:

Whatever your profession may be, misconduct allegations require representation from a firm with specialized experience. You can rest assured that our attorneys understand the nuances of your industry’s disciplinary processes and regulations.

Put A Professional Misconduct Defense Lawyer On Your Side Today

Our professional misconduct defense attorneys understands what is at stake — your career and livelihood. Don’t risk your future by failing to take allegations seriously. To contact Villaume & Schiek, please call 952-641-7734 or complete our contact form. We advise and represent clients throughout Minnesota.