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Sexual Harassment

Minnesota Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual advances and harassment of any level can create a hostile work environment, making a worker highly uncomfortable and even affecting his or her performance. These unwanted behaviors can range widely. More overt cases often involve actual physical contact and unwanted touch. Other cases can be less blatant, including comments, innuendos or jokes. False or suggestive rumors can also be harassing, creating an unreasonable work environment for the individual.

Sexual Harrassment Has No Place in the Workplace

These unwanted advances and suggestive comments are often quickly compounded by threats or retaliation. For instance, a manager or employer claims that he or she will terminate or discipline an employee if sexual advances are resisted. Quid pro quo sexual harassment, or the requirement of sexual favors for the benefit of the employee’s career, is illegal and harmful to the employee both emotionally and financially, causing undue stress. It can also extend to educational environments, should a teacher or assistant require favors for grades, recommendations or merit.

The harassment does not always come from an employer or supervisors. Unwanted advances or comments can come from co-workers or even non-employees of either gender.

There are steps you can take to protect yourself from these unacceptable actions and behaviors. At Villaume & Schiek, P.A., of Bloomington, Minnesota, we are on your side, working to protect your interests in the workplace. We will uncover the truth and take legal action.

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