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4 Common Types of Minnesota Family Law Cases

Many of us are familiar with the work that criminals lawyers do from the television shows and movies that garner our attention on a weekly basis. We have seen criminal lawyers stand in a courtroom in front of a judge and a jury and make compelling arguments for their clients. While the work of family… Read more »

What Qualities Make A Good Family Law Attorney?

Very few situations in life are more stressful than those that involve problems in the family circle. According to the Holmes-Rahe stress scale, divorce is the highest scoring stressor second only to the death of a spouse. Family law attorneys deal with the most intimate arena of life and therefore must exercise careful consideration for the… Read more »

Seven Strategies to Help You Get the Custody Agreement You Want

Working through custody agreements can be stressful, but it is important to fight for what is best for your family when the opportunity arises. While custody agreements can be adjusted and revisited over time, it is easier to get this right from the beginning of shared agreements if at all possible. Whether you are seeking… Read more »

Overcoming Your Fear of Divorce

“Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t,” goes the old proverb. Or, put another way, it’s better to deal with a person or situation that is bad (but which you understand) than it is to risk something that might be even worse. We see this all the time in our lives. How… Read more »

Benefits of Minnesota Collaborative Divorce

As divorce is becoming more common, people are looking for better ways to find a way to end their marriage, especially if children are involved. Hammering out details in court doesn’t appeal to many. Instead of allowing you to move on, many people involved in messy divorces hold on to their anger and bitterness for… Read more »