Attorneys for Complex Civil Litigation in Minnesota

Complex civil litigation in Minnesota is not only incredibly stressful, but very costly-and can be even more costly if your case is not adequately prepared. When millions of dollars and your reputation are at stake, Villaume & Schiek can manage even the most critical disputes that require extensive financial interactions with multiple parties. Our experienced attorneys are… Read more »

Disparate Employment Actions: What is the Four Fifths Rule?

Federal agencies that are responsible for enforcing equal employment laws and civil rights have several ways they can evaluate the impacts of adverse job actions and disparate treatment on both individuals and groups. Individual concerns may be easy to evaluate by comparing job actions to peers; when systems are large and complex, however, finding the truth about how employees… Read more »

All About Complex Civil Litigation in Minnesota

Minnesota Complex Civil Litigation Attorneys – Villaume & Schiek, P.A. Unfortunately, when you own a business, you are going to have to deal with conflict and litigation at some point. Most of the time, these are simple cases that are easily solved. For these conflicts, any experienced lawyer will be able to help. There are… Read more »