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Recreational Vehicle DWI / DUI in Minnesota – Risks, Consequences, and Options

As winter descends upon Minnesota, many outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers will turn to snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles (ATVs), and other recreational vehicles for a bit of cold weather fun. While these activities generally take place off of the state’s roadways, the same DUI/DWI laws still apply. According to state law anyone operating a motorized… Read more »

Penalties for Driving After Cancellation in Minnesota

There are a myriad of reasons in which a driver’s license can be cancelled. Even if it happened only five minutes ago, if you get behind the wheel afterwards and find yourself pulled over, you are able to be charged with Driving after Cancellation. In Minnesota, Driving after Cancellation (DAC) is one of the more… Read more »

Drug Trafficking in Minnesota – Definitions, Penalties, and Defense Options

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), drug trafficking is defined as the “illicit trade involving the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws”. While state and federal laws can be somewhat vague on what constitutes trafficking, in Minnesota a trafficking charge generally comes down to… Read more »

What Happens When a Minnesota Resident Gets a DUI in Another State?

No matter where you go, if you choose to get behind the wheel after a few drinks, the result will be the same. You will be pulled over and looking at the strict punishments that come with driving under the influence. Thanks to the federally regulated blood alcohol limit, drunk driving is drunk driving anywhere… Read more »

Benefits of Minnesota Collaborative Divorce

As divorce is becoming more common, people are looking for better ways to find a way to end their marriage, especially if children are involved. Hammering out details in court doesn’t appeal to many. Instead of allowing you to move on, many people involved in messy divorces hold on to their anger and bitterness for… Read more »

Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits

If you’ve been injured or face a serious chronic illness, then you might find yourself unable to work or even struggling to keep a job. You do not want to consider yourself disabled, but you are reaching a point in which you must accept your limitations and your new reality. You have considered social security… Read more »

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

In Minnesota, driving under the influence of drugs is illegal. According to Minnesota Statutes 169A.20, a person is guilty of DUID if s/he drives while under the influence of a controlled substance or any other hazardous substance that significantly affects his/her brain, muscles, and/or nervous system, thus impairing his/her ability to drive safely. If a person tests positive for any Schedule I or II… Read more »